My Facebook suicide is imminent.  I’m going to leave my fan page up and have someone else moderate it.    There is not sensational reason for this decision.  It’s a bunch of little things that no one cares about.  So I’m not going to talk about them.  Ultimately though I just can’t keep up.  It provides too much access to me.  I don’t want that kind of access.

I have to make one last sweep of my hard drive to put songs online  Speaking of that, my album site has been completely updated.  Go nuts.  They’re all on there with the exception of Rock And Roll Is Dead And You’re Next, Fuckface.  I am extremely unhappy with the production of the album.  It’s too clean.  Also I feel like I ruined a lot of songs that were already great.  Even the opening album and the cheesy scream, is very bothersome.  It’s almost embarrassing.  Regardless you can listen to it here.  

I am proud of all the other albums.  Very proud.

You won’t be able to hear Lifetime from Canadian Psycho or Sorry Somehow.  It’s perfectly legal and acceptable to cover music from other artists as long as you don’t monetize it.  But if you do monetize it you have to give royalties.  That is too much red tape for me.  I’ll put the covers on Youtube.  Royalties will automatically go to the artists, Killer Dwarfs, and Husker Du, respectfully.  But for those songs to appear on my albums, it’s more hassle that it’s worth.

I did get Russ Dwarf’s blessing for Lifetime, and he loves it.  It’s an honour.  The Killer Dwarfs were and are easily my favourite metal band.  I’m glad they signed to Dave Ellefson’s label.  They deserve to do well.  Despite doing high profile tours with Iron Maiden and setting Canada on fire for years, they never got their due.

I’d rather see them in the limelight than a shitty band like Anvil.  Not even a sympathy doc could put them in the stratosphere of the greats.

Well that’s about it for now folks.  It seems like when I set down to do this I had a lot more to say.  That always happens.  I hope you enjoy the albums.



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