Hello, I am Doug Hell.  Thanks for having me out to your folk club.

I’m a high-strung, severely mentally ill. non-profit artist.  What others call charity, I call revenge.  I won’t allow my art to be taxed by the powers that be.  If I can’t enjoy life’s even most basic gifts, then I will do very best to bring them to the people who can.  Monetarily, all my needs are met by a meager disability pension.  When they aren’t, I ask.  I barter.  Feed me and I will write you a poem.  Help me and I will teach you guitar.  It took longer getting to where I want to be artistically, than it took another human being to become a doctor.  Much longer.

You need a soundtrack for anything right down backing music for a Youtube video?  I’ll do it for the cost of acknowledgement.  You credit me at the end, and that is your fee.  Money does me no good.  Everything I desire in life is already inside me.  There is no amount of money that can bring me happiness.  I can only mine for it in my soul.  I do want validation, however.  That makes me a sellout.  The idea of becoming Nickelback terrifies me.  They could have all the money and admiration in the world, but they will NEVER ever get validation.

I’m extremely proud of all my art.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  I learned a long time ago that I can’t pick my fans.  May if fulfill you as much as it does me.

Thank you for visiting.

Doug Hell

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